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BoTemp is a company in sustainable refrigeration systems for transport and logistics.

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About us

Bohemen Investments BV is a Dutch company that invests in innovative, sustainable products as well as enterprises.



BoWall is an installation wall that is always adjustable to the users needs. The concept provides total freedom in design, less costs and infinite adjustability due to other needs or users of the space.

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What are we working on

The world around us is constantly changing. We are convinced that innovations are needed to respond to future issues. Our current portfolio consists of companies that embrace this way of thinking.

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We want to support innovative companies and products.

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Because innovation should work for everyone. We can build and manage in another way, but above all we should use our spaces differently. For this we need to be critical and dare to look beyond of what we do ourselves.


Damwachters sculpture

A sculpture as an ode to the 17th century when a cooperation between cities was established, due to pragmatic insights.


Sijtwende tunnel

A tunnel under the ground with homes on top.


Queens Towers Amsterdam

The Queens Towers project consists of a trio of office buildings - Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix - named after the three most recent Dutch queens.

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The lean principle

Lean manufacturing or lean production is a management philosophy that aims to achieve a maximum value for the customer with minimal waste. Due to 'lean production' costs are reduced which leads to an improvement in the operating result.

Greenhouse tomatoes at recycling plant in Ankara, Turkey


BoSolar is a company in solar-energy related to horticulture.



Dare to think differently!